A Belgian multi-family office that is independently owned and operated by Geelen, Wouters & Cornelis



Geelen Wouters Cornelis is a Belgian family office that supplies a handful of Flemish families and high net worth individuals with strategic investment advice and wealth management services. 


We are a boutique firm with a solid foundation in cross sector investment. Our experienced team hails from a variety of financial backgrounds and focuses on asset management, strategic planning, collaborative investment, estate planning, and a range of personal services that are tailored to the needs of each family. 


We have built robust strategies that have enabled our clients to derive the most value from their individual portfolios. We know when and how to invest, and are shrewd in our abilities to identify value where others tend to miss the boat. Our consultants have experience in securing countless investments in which we managed to act fast and execute key strategies that added significant value to our clients’ portfolios, creating fortunate outcomes for all parties involved. 


GWC is known for its dexterity when it comes to taking the right decisions under pressure and rendering otherwise complex investments straightforward. We base our decisions on a broad but creative understanding of international market trends, and have mastered an approach to investment that leads to successful bottom lines for our exclusive clients, by growing and securing their wealth. 



The GWC Way 

GWC is unique in its ability to bridge the gap between the calibre of investment expertise expected from a financial institution, and the trusty professionalism and high-quality service typically found in a family office. That is the GWC way, and it keeps us ahead of the curve. 


Our senior team is comprised of experienced multidisciplinary investors who in the past were put directly in charge of extensive pools of assets in some of the biggest investment houses around the globe. They continue their personal growth trajectories with GWC, where each senior team member is responsible for a significant portion of the assets that we manage. 

Our Clients 

GWC was founded to meet the needs of several prominent Flemish families and a select few high net worth individuals who were looking to entrust their wealth to a family office that shared their interests. 

In addition to private clients, our secondary activity is comprised of advising charities on their endorsements and overseeing investments for healthcare and higher education institutions. 

We remain dedicated to the business interests of our clients which demands that we maintain a high standard of professionalism, ethics, and integrity within our own firm. For this reason,

we not only vet each one of our potential clients before partnering with them, but apply the same standards to our team. 

We are committed to being the best, for the best. 

Our Values 

We consider reputation to be the cornerstone of a firm’s continued success, second only to the quality of its team. 

We encourage GWC staff to help each other wherever possible. 

We have recognized that fostering deep-level communication skills has led to harnessing the office’s utmost potential, and has uncovered previously unknown wealth management techniques that have catapulted us forward. We have mastered the art of developing cutting-edge solutions that help our clients to leverage potential and create added value for themselves. 



Our extensive track record in the provision of value-based management services has made us a sought-after choice for ultra-wealthy Flemish families and the Belgian HNWI community. 

We are fortunate to have a knack for creating serious growth opportunities, winning investment strategies, and strategic advances that are virtually assured to maximize economic value. 

Asset Management  

Our asset management service is used by clients to open accounts and make deposits into money market funds that act as highly liquid and secure forms of investment. We charge no fee for entering or exiting these funds and we are steadfastly determined to producing capital gains to the benefit of our clients on a constant basis. 

GWC ensures that your money is kept as safe and secure as possible, which is why our consultants are committed to managing separate accounts. Furthermore, we impart guidance and recommendations on the best ways to capitalize on chosen assets based on your overall financial status and current disposition. 

You can trust our expert consultants to enhance your portfolio by providing a shrewd asset management service that you can rely on. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning remains a crucial factor for any successful portfolio. Knowing how to plan to withstand future uncertainty can mean the difference between financial security and being plagued by doubt. 

Here at GWC, we are accustomed to offering goal-based strategic planning which functions as a ballast for our clients’ portfolios. 

We carefully analyse past performances and compare results to trusted forecasts so we can reveal your portfolio’s true direction, and make the necessary alterations if necessary to increase your overall wealth. 

We enjoy working closely and collaboratively with our clients to grow their portfolios and unlock potential. This allows the individuals and families we work with to reach their financial goals and even do so ahead of schedule when possible. 

Collaborative Investment 


GWC provides our small and exclusive client base a seemingly unlimited amount of traditional investment opportunities, as well as alternatives which are not easily available on the market. 

Our consultants have been trained to spot and uncover profitable ventures that may otherwise have gone unnoticed on the crowded market. To demonstrate this ability, at the close of 2017’s Q1 we had steered our clients to successfully investing in no less than 16 separate startups, many of which used our funding to speed up production and development in their respective fields. 

We have developed well-honed tactics, and an overall strategy, for astute investment. Our constant and close collaboration with our clients has led to profit-generating business relationships grounded in both trust and mutual enrichment. This is the kind of intimacy that has come to be expected from GWC, and we have every intention to preserve it for the sake of clients whom we place first. 


Estate Planning  


It is common knowledge that once assets have been accrued, it is imperative to begin the ongoing process of estate planning. 


Estate planning ensures that your final wishes are carried out according to your last will and testament. The instructions provided ought to state to whom you intend to bequeath your assets, what exactly you want them to receive, and when you want them to receive it. 


Having an estate plan results in a calming peacefulness of mind for both you and your family, as you can be confident in knowing that you possess a thoughtful and properly prepared plan which limits the familial issues and taxes levied upon your loved ones in case of any eventuality. 

Our senior consultants will draft the plan with you, side-by-side, and ensure that all your requests are met insofar as humanly possible. 


We can be reached in accordance with the information provided below, please feel at ease sending us any question or comment. 

Phone:  +32 2588 9143

Email Address:  info@gwcapitalpartners.com

Address: 1 Rue du Trèves/Trierstraat, 1050 Brussel, Belgium

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